We reduce the manufacturing costs of drug and cosmetic manufacturers by using electrochemistry.


The production of chemicals by electrochemistry has several advantages

Reducing production costs

Waste reduction

Easy scale-up

Reducing the use of toxic chemicals

Comparison of the classic approach / Electrochemical

Classical approach

The manufacture of certain chemicals still requires the use of corrosive and/or toxic assets, non-renewable raw materials, large quantities of organic solvents, high temperatures and/or pressures.

The impact on the environment is significant: the pharmaceutical industry, although weighing 28 fewer in the economy than the automotive industry, is 13 more polluting(source).

Electrosynthesis approach

The electrochemical approach involves using electrical energy to initiate chemical reactions. In this way, it is possible to improve or remove stages of chemical reactions making your overall production more profitable and less impactful on the environment. The difficulty lies in characterizing the key parameters for optimal performance. Our team has been working on this technology for several years and has obtained the necessary expertise to find the right parameters.

Comparison of estimated environmental impact for antibiotic production


Reducing CO2 emissions compared to conventional production


Reducing tonnes of waste compared to conventional production

Our services

Many chemicals can be produced by electrosynthesis. In order to enable you to determine its economic potential, we offer you different services:

1. Feasibility study

Lasting 3 to 7 days, it can be used to estimate the potential for improvement of the electrochemical pathway.

2. Pre-pilot study

Lasting about two weeks to two months, it can determine at plus or minus 20% on average the performance of the electrochemical pathway.

3. Production

Once we have done the previous studies, we have all the equipment necessary to make several kilograms of your product.

Example of a customer wishing to produce a dipeptide for the cosmetic industry:

Once the feasibility study was successful, Innoverda took two months to complete the pre-pilot study and estimate that the molecule would cost at least 30 % less during the production phase. The customer decided to continue for the production phase where Innoverda finally managed to reduce production costs by 40 % with a production of 5kg/month.

Introducing electrosynthesis

The team

Irene Erdelmeier

Irene Erdelmeier

Founder and President

More than 15 international patents filed

Sylvain Daunay

Sylvain Daunay

Organic Chemistry Researcher

15 years of expertise in synthetic chemistry

Naomi Nitschke

Naomi Nitschke

Chemistry Engineer

International experiences in chemistry and biochemistry

Emmanuel Thiéry

Emmanuel Thiéry

Business Development

Sales experiences in a chemical company

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